Time to build a trailer!

So my bike is all happy for touring again, I’ve done ~ 2000km on it in the last month, trundling back and forward to work, and there’ve been no hiccups.  Working through my pack list for the Karuah River Rally in a month’s time, my brain started ticking over how it’d be nice to be able to pack some extras (you know, couple of extra car batteries for power, couple of 10L water cans, etc..), and just to get the normal camping weight off the bike..  And I started thinking about trailers again.  So lets pick it back up as a project, and potter on it :)

Note that everything here is geared towards a small trailer TOWED BY A MOTORCYCLE.  If you are looking at building a box trailer to tow behind a CAR, then the dimensions, and thus quite a few considerations (especially IRT lighting) will be VERY different..


First things first, we need to find out what regs we need to follow, and build a bit of a checklist!

First thing to do, is download Vehicle Standards Bulletin 1.  It’s the federal bible for trailer building!  VSB 1 lives here.

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