• Vehicle Plate
  • 2 x rectangle white reflectors
  • 2 x rectangle yellow reflectors
  • 2x rear light groups (yellow indicator, red reflector, red stop/tail combo)
  • 1 coupling (swivel type, since it’s to tow behind a motorcycle!)

Ask the RTA

  • Do they supply the Vehicle plate?
  • At what point to I get a VIN? Does the RTA put that on the build plate for me after inspecting?  Do they even inspect, or is that only the inspection mob?
  • Does chain have to be welded? Or is bolted fine?

Other things to find out

  • Talk to eco-tec auto gas (My preferred vehicle inspection place – They’re VERY easy to deal with!) and find out if they can do a blue-slip on a home-built trailer..  RTA site says they just need to be a full AUVIS station, which they are..
  • What is chain with a ‘T’ grade property?

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